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Integrated Digital Solutions

Leave the tech stuff to us.

integrated digital solutions

Meet your objectives with efficient tech solutions

As a business owner, you have a lot of different hats to wear. Not all of them will fit properly, which is why our virtual tech services are designed to help you pass over the tasks that aren’t in your realm of expertise. We help you implement the steps to reach your goals, and support you ongoing so you never get bogged down in tech tasks again.

Are you…


Struggling to get your head around all the technology options?


Spending too much time "finishing your website"?


Wanting to implement your marketing strategy?


Too busy to get your tech systems sorted yourself and keep putting it off?


Frustrated that your branding isn't consistent across all platforms?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you

You don’t need to do it all yourself or be tech-savvy to have a streamlined, organised and efficient digital system for your business.

Whether you need help with a single project, an upgrade or maintenance for your established system, or you’re not sure what you need you just know you need something, we’re here to simplify the process with professional tech services.

We can help you with…

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Implementing your marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy can seriously boost sales for any business. But implementing that strategy often involves a lot of tech stuff which can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Trying to DIY can be very time consuming for you if business tech is not your area of expertise. This can lead to lost sales and missed opportunites, but luckily for you we are experts in all that fiddly tech stuff. We can help you with:


  • Lead magnets
  • Automated emails
  • Contact forms and lists
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Social media schedulers, booking systems, and more
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Maintaining your tech stack

Business technology is not “set and forget”. There are always parts of your digital solutions that will need to be updated or maintained as your business grows and evolves.

Once your tech stack is optimised it needs some love on an ongoing basis so that it stays squeaky clean and efficient. Some of the ways we can help you are:

Routine background maintenance on your website or automations. Software companies make updates all the time and sometimes a perfect solution can break for a seemingly mysterious reason. Routine maintenance reduces this risk and means that any issues are picked up and corrected quickly.

Ongoing tech support. Some tech tasks can be easily outsourced, while doing it yourself could take hours if it’s not your specialty. What if you could email your tech assistant and have them complete certain tasks for you while you move on with your day? We can do that for you!

Why us?

At Time Smart Tech we’re obsessed with working smarter, not harder, and ensuring your tech stack is integrated and optimised. We’re tech experts with a fine attention to detail and we love implementing solutions to help our clients reach their objectives. On the weekends you’ll find us at the beach, in the mountains, or scuba diving.


Experienced in website, business & marketing tech, and project management


Tertiary Education in IT

Maia, CEO and Founder of Time Smart Tech

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